And so, Tristan & Yseult is my letter to love.  It speaks of longing and giving, abandon and obsession, loss and despair.  It intoxicates as I have been intoxicated, and hurts as I have been hurt.  It tells how there is always a price, always a loser and always hope.  It thanks love, it hates love, and it celebrates love.  

-Emma Rice, Director of the 2005 production at the Kneehigh Theatre in London, England. 
As part of a performance art piece that went alongside this production I collected individuals’ letters to love.  A letter written directed towards love.  Some are long, others short.  Some funny, others tragic.  Some filled with grief, resentment, and fear, others gratitude.  Enjoy.  Write one of your own.  send it to dana.rose.fleming@gmail.com.  All letters will be kept anonymous.

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