letter thirty three

I’m not experienced in the traditional sense of love, where boy meets girl and everything’s happily ever after. In fact, I hardly believe that such a story is possible, in reference to what we see in movies. When I was young and naive I once thought I was close to love, but in actuality it was me dreaming of fairytale endings.

In my opinion, love is an immense amount of caring for a person. It is selflessness. It is not selfishly thinking of what another person will do for you and how they will change your life. It is finding the love to want the best for another person and that other person wanting the same for you. To be honest, I believe that is why divorce is such a prevalent occurrence in this day and age. Our society has turned into a selfish society, where we think about ourselves and all that our spouse is not doing for us. It is no longer supporting one another to build a family but instead where one parent will pursue their own dreams and expect the other souse to fully support them with no return favor.

Love can be found in family. I can feel my strongest love for those that I have had a relationship for many years. Love is the moment where you see that person and you want to give them everything. You enjoy offering what you have and do not think of what they will give you back. Love is where you know this person so well that you know how to hurt them the most and abuse such a love. However, love is also where you regret every word; when you wish you could change things back and your heart physically grieves for the pain that the other person is going through.

I really doubt that one day I will walk into a coffee shop and stare eye to eye for ten minutes with the man of my dreams; where he will sweep me off of my feet and we will ride off into the sunset. However, I do believe that one day I will feel a spark, a spark that’s there to point out someone that I might otherwise be oblivious to. I will learn to be his friend. I will find a considerable desire to serve him. I will be there when he needs me most. I hope that he, too, will have these desires and will complete my self, as I will complete him.

Love, as preceived in the media, is sugarcoated. It’s not real. It’s selfish. I know this not because I feel sparks fly out of me like fireworks, but because of the true joy I feel in serving others. Joy is the product of love and what better thing to strive for than joy? However, there are those who become obsessed with the idea. Those who feel that their life will only be complete when they find their “one love.” There is no such thing as a “one love.” It is possible to love everyone. There is beauty within all of us and when we find that in another person, striving to always serve them, we learn to love them. Christ is the ultimate example of this. He taught us to even love our enemies. Love everyone unconditionally. Do not allow yourself to be used, but find ways to continuously serve and you will find love.

This statement is so scattered because love is so broad. Yes, we should love everyone. It is difficult. It is hard. That is why it is so rewarding. Love is selfless, love is kind. Love always returns back to the simple act of serving.


About danarose

Textbook ENFP, if you're into that stuff (I am SO into that stuff). I love mountains and the ocean and my largest ambition in life is getting all of the people I love to live on the same block, to cook dinner, and talk with them every night.
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