letter nineteen

Geez Adam,

Every time I go to write Angi I see your pic & its a lil’ reminder that even though we have lots of friends in common, Hugo, Jenn, Melanie, Paul, Rio… not to mention college history you think I’m too nuts to be your friend. Tonight I chatted w/ a waiter about his country, Costa Rica. Memories of vacation w/an old buddy & some dudes I’ll never see again but every time I think of it now & say geez he must have hated me all along? That’s fine. I admit I did do stupid stuff to make you feel uncomfortable. Kinda like this… Haha. But seriously. Hope this makes a boring day somewhat more interesting. I wish you the best & no bad feelings. I’m such a reminiscent kind of person. I love my college photos & now so many are bittersweet. So the point of this message is this… Don’t know if your are married yet but I feel bad about being a mess over you liking Angi. I should have seen it all along. Actually I think I did notice it back in Savannah. I don’t want it on my head that b/c of me being a brat you two might not be neighborhood buddies or something more if that’s what’s meant to be. I thought about it now & again since & was too embarrassed to try to fix it. So, if you haven’t already disregarded my crying fit that day, I want you to know its ok w/ me for you & Angi to be friends or even more. I love her like a sister & I want you both to be happy w/ who ever you find… & I think if you like her, she may like you too. If I thought you were the best at one time then I think she deserves that too. Maybe you already know something but I don’t. i think I made enough of a stink that she stayed away from you but she is still single & I’ve been trying to hook her up w/ guys from the dating site I’m on. Its fun. I think you both have the media career thing in common. If you get married I promise to smile genuinely & throw the rice sweetly. Hopefully, I’ll be married before either of you! The race is on! I don’t want to know if you are married or engaged to anyone else so don’t reply to tell me. Blah! I hope all my wishing on a ton of shooting stars to wind up together doesn’t interfere w/ your destiny. Hahaha! I can’t take them back. Well, That’s all. Whew. Correcting mistakes feels good. Like My name is Earl. Oh BTW. I am LDS now. Google it. Life is very good these days ever since I quit smoking pot & quit my property management job in the city & moved out of Hoboken. Changes for the better ever since I developed my faith more & go to church again. I have a lot of trust we’ll all find someone who will be just right. That’s the perfect ending. Bye. –A.


About danarose

Textbook ENFP, if you're into that stuff (I am SO into that stuff). I love mountains and the ocean and my largest ambition in life is getting all of the people I love to live on the same block, to cook dinner, and talk with them every night.
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