letter twelve

Dear Love,

Right now you are being very nice to me, that is the romantic sort of
love. Which is nice, because often that sort of love has eluded me.
The thing about you love is you come and go in my life in so many
different ways. You show up sometimes in the oddest places! Like that
sunset the other night that was so beautiful it made me cry and you
were there showing me how the whole earth is filled with you. And then
there was that time that you smacked me in the face when I was not
feeling you towards one of my brothers who was down trodden and
depressed. You are good and proving me wrong love. At showing me that
my assumptions are often wrong and my suspicions are petty and cruel.
You are good at reminding me that we are all tender. That we are all

vessels for you. That we are all united by you.

Thank you love, for being the best teacher.





About danarose

Textbook ENFP, if you're into that stuff (I am SO into that stuff). I love mountains and the ocean and my largest ambition in life is getting all of the people I love to live on the same block, to cook dinner, and talk with them every night.
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