letter two

To My Savior, Redeemer, and Friend,

I have a hard time using words in expressing how I feel about you and your example of perfect love. The more I study and ponder all that you have done for me, the more I learn about love. You are the perfect example of how to love someone, and I feel as though I can never compare to it. I don’t remember what your loving face looks like exactly, but I ache to see it again. To be hugged by you again. There have been so many times in my life that I have felt so low, so depressed, and so worthless. The only way I was ever able to pick myself up again was pondering the love that you have for me. I know that I had a relationship with you before I came to this Earth, and it was strong enough to help me, doubtful me, to trust you enough to come to Earth, to be a part of this Plan. How are you able to love me? Love so perfectly? Especially when I am so imperfect. I have made so many mistakes. I am weak. I can not understand how you love me, enough to die for me, but I want you to know that I am grateful. I don’t understand it, but I will not take it for granted. I know that I have in the past.

I am so sorry for the pain I caused you, Lord. I am sorry for the pride that I have had, and continue to try and give up. My soul aches when I think about how much you suffered — just for me. I hope I was one of the angels sent to help you, because I can’t imagine that I was able to just sit by and watch you suffer such an Atonement, one that I may never fully understand. I am so sorry, and I am so grateful. I love you more than anyone here on this Earth. I can not put into words how I feel, but I know that you understand me just the same.

I love you; I miss you; I can not wait to hug you and smile with you again.

Your sister, N.



About danarose

Textbook ENFP, if you're into that stuff (I am SO into that stuff). I love mountains and the ocean and my largest ambition in life is getting all of the people I love to live on the same block, to cook dinner, and talk with them every night.
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One Response to letter two

  1. princesseri says:

    I love this post. It spoke to me and my situation right now. The Lord is the only one whom I can trust. He has done so much for me.

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